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Minor changes


Transformer Calculation Test Questions Added

Now available under (Create Custom Test) once you have logged in.
Also available in Quick Tests, but you can not currently pick your categories.
We now have over 3700 questions.


Transformer Calculation Instructions Added

Transformer Calculation instructions without memorizing a bunch of formulas.
Links added to the links page.


Contact Us Form Added

Comments and Suggestions are Welcome


Bug Fixes and Links Added.

Fixed a minor page refresh bug in the Quick Test. Now refreshing the screen doesn't send you to a new question. Made additions to Links Page.


Beta Release of Mobil Tools

We're starting with 3 tools: The Mobil Tools are designed for internet enabled cell phones and PDA devices but can also be accessed from a desktop computer.


Official Opening of with 3190 questions in over a dozen categories.

We also have a learning section with instructive pages to help you learn how to do these calcs.

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